#COVID-19 Company Update

To our valued clients, partners and community:

In this unprecedented time, we face circumstances that affect our businesses, employees and clients’ lives, which change daily.

We are closely following events surrounding the COVID 19 pandemic which include decisions made at the National, State and Local government levels.

At Ramey & Kampf PA, we have taken steps to ensure business continuity for all of our clients as well as actions to slow the transmission of COVID 19 for the health of our employees and community.

For our clients, we rely upon a well-established comprehensive business continuity plan to ensure you will continue to receive the same service, access to resources, and results. Our channels and methods of communication remain the same.

Our attorneys and support staff are equipped and trained to work remotely and have been encouraged to do so to assist them in dealing with their personal situations as well as limit possible transmission of the virus.

At this time we expect, and are fully prepared, to continue operations remotely, in anticipation of a government directive to do so.

All non-essential travel plans, events or activities normally arising during litigation may be delayed and/or rescheduled depending upon circumstances and direction of the court.

We are fortunate that we can make these changes with no business disruption and remain committed in our efforts to you, our clients, and our community.

Thank you.

-The RKTrialTeam