Guidance Through Alternative Dispute Resolutions In Florida Claims Disputes

When the cost and uncertainty associated with a trial warrants alternative forms of dispute resolution, the attorneys at Kampf, Inman & Associates, P.A. are available to represent clients in mediation or arbitration settings. While a layperson may commonly confuse these two terms, our team of legal professionals do not.

At Kampf, Inman & Associates, P.A., we pride ourselves on our ability to manage challenging legal matters concerning complex insurance issues and getting results for our clients. We are driven by results and we recognize that sometimes, the best results don’t always come from litigation. Arbitration can result in a decision, while mediation can lead to negotiations and eventually a resolution.

Our Approach To Arbitration And Mediation

Our decades of experience have taught us to always assume that every case is likely to go to trial and to prepare accordingly. In Florida, however, every matter must proceed through mediation first. When insurance companies in Florida retain our services, we can handle everything, from beginning to end.

Our firm takes great pride in preparation and proper evaluation of insurers’ claims. Upon completion of initial discovery, we provide our clients with an in-depth and timely evaluation to help them determine the range of a settlement’s value and an appropriate strategy to be successful at mediation, or when to allow a jury or judge to decide on the matter.

With arbitration, decisions concerning coverage disputes and other insurance matters are made by an expert or panel of experts as opposed to a jury or judge. Like mediation, arbitration offers our insurance company partners a chance to defend their best interests in a more informal setting while also having access to a tenacious advocate and a strong defense strategy. The cost savings is also evident, as discovery is likely more limited and preparation less formal.

Dealing with a dispute concerning PIP coverage? We are best known for successfully handling policy disputes concerning PIP coverage and benefits as well as claims concerning bodily injury and uninsured/underinsured motorists.

Take The Course Of Action That Makes Sense For You

Whether you’re considering mediation, arbitration – both binding and nonbinding – or litigation to resolve an insurance matter, the insurance defense lawyers at Kampf, Inman & Associates, P.A. are ready to discuss the pros and cons of each process so you can take the right course of action in your case.

To speak with a member of our professional legal team, contact our office in Tampa and schedule a consultation. Contact us online or call [phone] to get started.