Bodily Injury And Uninsured Motorist Defense Coverage

Defense Against Bodily Injury And Uninsured Motorist Claims

A primary focus of Kampf, Inman & Associates, P.A. is the representation of insurance carriers and their insureds in the defense of bodily injury and uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) claims.

Our lawyers are incredibly experienced and recognize the subtle differences between providing counsel to an inexperienced insured versus working closely with a sophisticated insurance adjuster.

While we appreciate the fact that the insured likely has no experience as a defendant in a lawsuit and typically requires special attention or counseling in order to understand the successful defense of a claim, our corporate clients demand that the claim be handled both professionally and expeditiously. At Kampf, Inman & Associates, P.A., we are driven by results, and we pride ourselves on our ability to resolve matters efficiently and in a timely manner for our clients. We hold ourselves to a high standard to ensure our clients get the quality representation they need and deserve.

Different Issues, Different Strategies, Same Focus On Results

Litigation involving bodily injury can usually be separated into three groups:

  • Soft tissue claims – In which the extent of an injury has been exaggerated or involves questionable billing for medical care. In such matters, we utilize our bank of medical and coding experts to challenge these claims.
  • Surgical cases – Often involving either open procedures or percutaneous, arthroscopic surgery. Causation and/or necessitation of these procedures are commonly an issue.
  • Catastrophic or wrongful death claims – Involving complex factual, legal, medical, scientific and financial issues.

Regardless of the injury at hand, you can rest assured knowing our team of experienced attorneys will carefully review a claim before advising insureds on how to proceed. To ensure our clients have a complete picture of the claim, we work closely with experts in areas such as accident reconstruction, biomechanical engineering, occupant kinematics, human behavior and factors, vocational rehabilitation as well as economics, just to name a few.

Strong Advocacy At Every Stage Of A Claim

From presuit claims through trial, you can rest assured knowing the attorneys at Kampf, Inman & Associates, P.A. will defend your lawsuit at all stages of litigation with aggressiveness balanced with common sense and an understanding that your reputation is to be protected.

If you would like to retain our services, contact our law office in Tampa to schedule a consultation. Call [phone] or contact us online to get started.