Debose v. Sallee


Style: Jacqueline Debose & Joseph Debose v. Charles Sallee

Venue: Circuit Court, Pinellas County, Florida

Plaintiffs’ vehicle was rear-ended while at a stop at the intersection of Tyrone Boulevard and Park Street, St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, Florida resulting in minimal property damage. Both Plaintiffs presented with a complex medical history primarily related to pre-existing conditions.

With regard to Jacqueline Debose, it was claimed she injured her cervical spine and aggravated preexisting lumbar spine conditions. With regard to Joseph Debose, it was claimed he injured his right shoulder and aggravated pre-existing cervical and lumbar spine condition.

Past medical expenses for Plaintiffs was in excess of $50,000.00, respectively.

Plaintiffs sought recovery of past medical expenses as well as future medical expenses to include $150,000 in relation to estimated right shoulder surgical costs for Joseph Debose.

The claims were evaluated and presented to the jury suggesting damages and verdicts in the amount of $21,500 and $16,500 respectively.

The jury returned the verdict in favor of Jacqueline Debose in the amount of $21,500 and Joseph Debose in the amount of $16,500 with no award for future damages as to either Plaintiff.